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Written by Josh   
Sunday, 23 July 2006

What is it:

Hotline software combines FTP, IRC, and News style protocols and features into is own proprietary protocol and software package.

Latest news on the Hotline:

The original owners, Hotline Communications Inc, went out of business several years ago. A new group of people bought the remnants and formed a new company, HotSprings Inc. They have continued development of the hotline software and released a new version of the Hotline Client and Server, which can be downloaded below.

Update 12/29/2007:  Thanks to a reader, I've fixed the links to download the Hotline software below.  Issue was a .htaccess redirect problem.  Downloads have been restored.

Update 08/21/2007:  Hotsprings Inc. has gone under.  I have occasionally seen the official server ( online.  I am unaware of who is the owner or if the company has transferred ownership to a new entity.  As for the status of their client, I am unaware of any official versions that have been released, other than the source code. 

Where can I find documentation?

Hotline Communications created documentation for their client and server software. Note that the documentation is out of date, but some of the information should still be relevant.

What network ports does Hotline software use?

The Hotline Tracker server uses incoming/outgoing TCP Port 5498 and UDP 5499.
The Hotline Server uses incoming/outgoing TCP Port 5500 and 5501.

What servers should I check out:

Since there are no "official" servers any longer, there isn't one or a group of servers you should check out per say. Simply open up your Hotline Client, add a tracker and visit what's left of the Hotline community. If you set up your own Hotline server, send me some e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Hotline Server

Status: DOWN
Formerly known as Audi0phile Central Inc. Hotline Tracker

Status: UP
Please point your clients and servers to or or or
There is NO password to register servers on the tracker.
This tracker supports Hotline servers only! Please point your KDX servers elsewhere.

By accessing the tracker, you agree to the tracker terms of service here.

Hotline Related Links

Once you get your server up, check this site out for easy editing of user profiles in Linux using the GTK+ user interface.

hcadmintool is another program to edit your hotline accounts, view logs for windows.

Do you have a hotline server and an IP address that changes (i.e. dynamic IP address)? And is a static IP address from your ISP too much money? Then you need to use DynDns service. Their service binds your IP address to like Very good so your users always know your server's address.

Alternative windows hotline tracking software. Many improvements over the original hotline tracker software.

Haxial is a file sharing app similiar to Hotline written by the infamous Adam Hinkley, ex employee of the original Hotline company. Haxial is no longer maintained by the parent company. However, you can click on this link to an unofficial site set up by a fan of the software. did an interesting article back in 1999 about Hotline Communications, file sharing, and the community. Note this is a link to as has removed the old article from their site. continued their article about Hotline here. The story talks about Adam Hinkley and his fight against the company he founded. Note: this is a link to as has removed the old article from their site.

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